Director Van der Kraan exchanges frontrunner Den Bosch for FC Twente

After the sixteenth, seventeenth, fourteenth and eleventh place in the final ranking, FC Den Bosch is the leader in the first division this season thanks to the financial impulses.

FC Twente is the number four in the first division after 17 games and collected four points less than FC Den Bosch.

Old acquaintances

At FC Twente, Van der Kraan is reunited with technical director Ted van Leeuwen and head coach Marino Pusic, with whom he also collaborated at Vitesse.

This brings to an end the interim period of the current director Edward van der Veen. Van der Veen, who is the much-discussed director Erik Velderman in August, leaves the club at the end of December.

Van Gerwen takes it for ignored Verstappen: 'What is the reason?'

A nomination by Michael van Gerwen as Sportsman of the Year has been the subject of repeated discussions in the recent past. The topdarter never made the selection, not even this year. But now he is taking it for a fellow athlete.

“If Max Verstappen is not already there, something is not going well, I think that guy is phenomenal: the board is a bit misplaced”, Van Gerwen responds during a press conference to the World Championship darts on the fact that Verstappen does not the nominees belongs.

Van Gerwen is not so happy that he has never been nominated. “They will have a good reason for it, although I am curious now what this year is the reason for Max Verstappen …”

No Cockpit fear at Van Bommel, Van Bronckhorst thinks of World Cup finals

The PSV'ers still slept badly on Wednesday from the narrow 2-1 defeat against FC Barcelona in the Champions League, but the button has been converted and the sights are on the top match against Feyenoord in De Kuip.

“We play a lot of matches, so you have to go through”, says PSV coach Mark van Bommel at the press conference. “It does not matter that we now meet Feyenoord.”

It is no problem for the coach that his team is playing a top match after a tough Champions League match. “After the last match against Barcelona we played against Ajax”, he refers to PSV's 3-0 win in September at the club from Amsterdam.

Cockpit fear

Van Bommel often played in De Kuip (“I always loved it”), but there is such a thing as 'Kuip-vrees'. The feeling that the immense stadium is crippling.

The trainer thinks his team should remain unperturbed. “Whether you're welcomed with flowers or throwing eggs to the bus, you just have to go for it.”