Self-driving car Uber leaves again, but 'there are still problems'

The interests are great and it is therefore all the more striking that there is according to The New York Times are still problems. “The cars reacted slower than people and struggled to pass certain tests, the last step before they can get back on the road”, writes the newspaper on the basis of internal documents, e-mails and conversations with sources at the company.

On 27 November, the manager of the department that develops self-driving cars sent an e-mail to his staff that Ubers car was ready to go back on the road. The company still needs permission from the state of Pennsylvania and it was not there yesterday, writes the newspaper. It is unclear to what extent all problems are solved at this moment.

A spokesman said that the company “would never compromise on safety in order to get on the road faster”.

Chaos in the organization

From research by the NTSB, the body that is doing research in the US into, among other things, accidents on the road, showed that the emergency brake of the Uber which in March was the accident occurred. In November wrote Business Insider based on sources that this decision “was the result of chaos in the organization”.

Self-driving cars are always seen as an important part of Uber's future. The company is still working with drivers, but they would eventually have to be replaced by cars that drive independently. That would make it possible to have cars available everywhere at any time at a low price; so low that it is no longer interesting to have a private car.

This is far from being the case, and in the meantime Uber faces competition from other parties, such as Googles sister company Waymo. That company test a taxi service via an app, where people are transported by a self-driving car.

Ten Cate will start working in Abu Dhabi after six months of a football pension

Henk ten Cate is the new trainer of Al Wahda from Abu Dhabi. The Amsterdammer follows the Romanian Laurentiu Reghecampf. The last club that trained Ten Cate was Al-Jazira, which also has its seat in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

The 63-year-old Ten Cate led Al-Jazira to the title. At the World Cup for club teams, the Arab team finished fourth. The Amsterdam coach left Abu Dhabi in June and was succeeded by Marcel Keizer, coach of Sporting Portugal.

After leaving Al-Jazira, Ten Cate left his trainer's career to end with more time with his family.

Al Wahda is fifth in the Arab Gulf League with eighteen points after twelve games. The backlog of leader Sharjah is ten points. Ten Cates previous employer Al-Jazira is third.

Handball Talent Amega makes furore at EC-debut: 'It was really enjoying'

'Okay' is still an understatement. Amega made eight goals out of nine shots with her European Championship debut and was impressed by her creative way of playing. She can accelerate the tempo in the attack game of the Netherlands and possesses the ability to suddenly turn, and hang around in the air, her body and shoot.

In addition, she possesses the ability to take initiative in the construction, which is important at her position. But what kind of handball player is Delaila Amega actually according to himself? “I am a player who likes to take risks, I like handball rather than attacking, but I am explosive, but not very powerful.”

She made three fine goals against the Croats, in a way that is so characteristic of her. Do not jump and prune hard, like shooting gun Lois Abbingh like no other, but hide covered and thus leave the goalkeeper of the other party without a chance.

What was the most popular on YouTube last year? The Lousemother or Fortnite?

In the Netherlands, 'To Our Daughter' is not the best viewed video. Here we were mainly busy with Fortnite, tourists who escaped leopards and television program The Lice Mother.

Almost 10 million times the best viewed Dutch video was viewed on YouTube. This is the video Fortnite Fan, a parody of the song Fan from Ronnie Flex and Famke Louise. The song, made by Birdboy, is full of jokes about the popular game Fortnite.

The real track of Ronnie Flex and Famke Louise, Fan, can also be found in a top-10 of YouTube, in the third place of best viewed music videos.

Real Madrid freewheeling to the last sixteen in Spanish cup

Real Madrid did not have to make excessive efforts to reach the eighth finals of the Copa del Rey.

After the previous 4-0 win at Mellila, coming out on the third Spanish level, 6-1 was won in their own stadium.

The Argentinian trainer Santiago Solari saved many basic forces for the cup meeting. However, the improved Real Madrid B-team did not get into trouble for a moment.


Marco Asensio scored twice (twice)Javi Sánchez. In the second half, Isco (twice) and Vinícius Júnior were very accurate.

Yacine Qasmi let the puny Melilla once cheer and made the 5-1 from the penalty spot.

Among others, FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid were already certain of the next stage in the tournament.

How Yemeni sports federations are the ball of the war

After three years of war in Yemen, there is a lack of everything. Everyone suffers from the fight, including sports federations. For the organizations, it is virtually impossible to function due to constant threat of violence and money boxes that are empty to the bottom. Money boxes that can be filled by choosing a side in the conflict, but that choice can become a bond expensive.

At the end of 2014, the houthi movement took the lead over the national football association. They used the fields and buildings as a military base and supported the national football team. Six months later, hostile forces, supported by Saudi Arabia, attacked the football association with air strikes. From the complex little remained.


In the case of the football association there was no choice, but for other Yemeni sports federations it is a big dilemma: do they opt for financial support, with which they support a political agenda? Or do they opt for independence, with a lack of money and a lack of wings?

The Yemeni cycling federation opted for the latter. Before the civil war, the union was still supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sport, but since 2015 the cash flow has been drained. Consequence: a paralyzed sports association and a national sport that is no longer practiced by many talents. “Since the beginning of the war, the cycling federation has been unable to organize a race,” said Maad Al-Mogahed, former secretary of the national cycling federation.

Painful defeat Depay and Tete, also Strootman loses

The midweek round in the French Ligue 1 did not turn out to be a happy one for the Dutch. Memphis Depay and Kenny Tete lost with Olympique Lyonnais, Kevin Strootman went down with Olympique Marseille.

Depay and Tete were both at the base, in the home game against Stade Rennes. It became a painful 0-2 loss. Because Lille won at Montpellier, Lyon has dropped to fourth place.

Marseille, with Strootman in the midfield, lost twice ahead of a visit to FC Nantes. After the break, the home team made it the only goal: 3-2.

PSG is right again

Paris Saint-Germain is not on the way to the eighth league title in club history. Nevertheless, Thomas Tuchel's team did not fully benefit from the loss of points of the pursuers. It was played in a row for the second time. PSG went no further than 1-1 when visiting RC Strasbourg.

PSG trainer Thomas Tuchel had to do without Neymar (injury to his knee) and held Kylian Mbappé the first half on the bench. Without the two star attackers, the leader was trailing five minutes before the break after a Kenny Lala penalty.

Mbappé was allowed to participate in the second half and PSG created many opportunities with him in the team. In the 71st minute, it became 1-1 thanks to Edinson Cavani; he too was successful from eleven meters.

Despite frantic efforts to secure the victory, it remained 1-1. PSG failed to take a lead of no less than sixteen points on the number two, Lille.

EU wants monthly report from tech companies about Russian fake news

The European Commission wants monthly reports on disinformation from Facebook, Google and Twitter. It is part of an action plan to combat fake news that has been presented today.

The committee explicitly deals with disinformation campaigns from Russia. European Commissioner Andrus Ansip, who is responsible for the unification of the digital market, calls the country the “primary source”.

The committee wants the tech companies to share this information with a view to the elections to the European Parliament in May. The intention is for the social media companies to publish the reports from January to May.

In addition, there must be an alert system to warn national authorities if they are bombarded with fake news. This is also intended to monitor national elections in the EU in 2020.

Create awareness

The European Commission writes in the press release to also publish the first report, according to Politico This also applies to the reports that follow. The reports should describe how tech companies label political ads, how many bots and fake accounts have been identified and removed, and how the collaboration with fact checkers and researchers is progressing.

Brussels hopes to raise awareness among European voters of foreign parties and how they try to influence the elections.

Prior to the US interim elections, Facebook published several times about fake accounts that had been found and deleted. But that was on a voluntary basis and not monthly.

More money

The European Commission is investing more money in combating disinformation. The budget of the European External Action Service goes from € 1.9 million to € 5 million. This service includes, among other things, the EUvsDisinfo website, which keeps fake news lists. The site was under fire earlier this year because there were also Dutch media on those lists.

Madeleine de Cock Buning, chairman of the most important EU advisory group on fake news, advised on this not to make fake new lists in the EU. Has EUvsDisinfo promised that no Dutch media will appear on the fake news list anymore, the site will focus on Russian media and media in neighboring countries of Russia.

The NOS asked Facebook, Google and Twitter for comments, but the companies did not yet want to comment on content.

Does Zlatan stand for a glorious return to AC Milan?

The beauty of the goals concealed that LA Galaxy was going through a disappointing season. The club lost on the last day of play the chance of participating in the playoffs, where 12 of the 23 teams were allowed to participate.

And so Ibrahimovic finally stepped down with a curved head of the artificial grass, so as not to return there for the time being.

After the season, the rumors about a switch to AC Milan came to an end, partly fueled by statements from the Swede and his agent Mino Raiola.

Biggest clubs

“There is interest, but I would also like to be in Los Angeles for another year”, says Ibrahimovic in an interview in Vanity Fair.

I have played for the three biggest clubs in Italy: Juventus, AC Milan and Internazionale. Milan has treated me well. I came from Barcelona, ​​where I have known sadness. Milan has brought back the smile to my face. I want to pay that back. “

Whether it actually comes to a return remains a guess. “I do not say no and I do not say yes, we will see.”

'Great risk that secret services act in violation of new law'

This concerns, for example, the disposal of irrelevant information, so that the privacy of citizens is not infringed. However, the services do not have enough policy and attention in practice, writes the regulator. This too, according to the regulator, poses major risks.

Gone is gone

The MIVD does not turn out to be so good at discarding data anyway. There are no good ICT systems to ensure that non-relevant information is removed automatically; this is done largely by hand and therefore not good enough. According to the CTIVD this should be arranged in a 'shortest possible time', but the MIVD seems to be planning to spread the implementation “over several years”.

If the intelligence services delete information, that information must actually be gone, and can not be retrieved again via a detour. That too is not well arranged at the MIVD. There is no internal control on the removal of data and therefore the regulator can not judge whether information is actually discarded.

The coming years should show whether the services are better organized: the CTIVD continues to report every six months. In 2020, the new intelligence law will be evaluated.

Worry about 'sleep law'

There was already a lot of criticism of the new intelligence law before the introduction: in a referendum a majority voted against its arrival. Especially the power to tap on a larger scale led to dissatisfaction; it earned the law the nickname 'sleep law'.

To meet these concerns, the Cabinet dictated that the new tap powers should be deployed “as focused as possible”. This was laid down in an official government decree and will soon be permanently included in the Intelligence Act. This should prevent information from innocent civilians from ending up in the tap machines of the intelligence service.

No work yet

The secret services, however, have not yet made work on the 'as focused as possible' data interception. Since the Cabinet decision, which came into effect on 1 May, its introduction has “virtually been omitted”. According to the CTIVD, this provides a “high risk”.

The new power to tap internet traffic on a larger scale via the cable has not yet been actually used. But the stricter precautionary measures now also apply to the large-scale interception of radio and satellite traffic, and that is not yet properly regulated.

Duty of care

In addition, the regulator writes that the secret services also have not built in proper precautions to protect citizens when their data arrives at the service. Consider, for example, rules about which employees of the services may access the data.

That this is now missing is striking, because the Cabinet promised in December last year that these precautionary measures would be there. According to the CTIVD it is “essential” that this will still happen as soon as possible.

The regulator concludes with a positive note. The complaints procedure that should be introduced with the new Intelligence Act is now complete.