Beautiful free kick Digne gives Everton a point in 96th minute

Everton got a point at the last minute in the home duel with Watford. In the 96th minute Lucas Digne scored with a beautiful free kick 2-2.

Watford, that the league had started with four victories, but had won last in the Premier League at the end of October, trailed 1-0. Former Ajax-goal Richarlison scored from close range. After an own goal by Séamus Coleman, Abdoulaye Doucouré set Watford 2-1.

Sigurdsson misses penalty, Digne saves Everton

Gylfi Sigurdsson, who last year was taken by his former coach Ronald Koeman for his fifty million euros, could have put Everton back on the same level shortly after, but he missed a penalty.

Watford thought he already had the loot and reached points with Everton in points. But deep into the time of injury, Digne drove the ball of a meter or sixteen into the intersection.

Goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg saw it all from the reserve bank. Everton is the number seven in England, Watford is twelfth.

WK swimming short track in China live at the NOS

Ranomi Kromowidjojo and Femke Heemskerk have repeatedly been in the spotlight in recent weeks, but now the week has come to turn the good shape into World Cup medals. In the Chinese city of Hangzhou, the world title battle starts on the short track Tuesday, a tournament that lasts until Sunday.

The NOS will report daily on and the NOS app directly on the final sessions. They are directly visible every day from 12.00 to 14.00 hours. Only the final day is an exception: on Sunday between 11 am and 1 pm the prices will be fought.

The commentary on the competition images, which are larded with reports, interviews and reactions, comes from Jeroen Grueter.

Summaries can be seen in broadcasts from Studio Sport.

Transformation youtuber Nikkie de Jager goes viral

About how the 24-year-old De Jager lost the kilos she now writes nothing. She said earlier that better food and a private gym helped. “I used to have a personal trainer and I trained with him in such a big gym, which made me deeply ashamed: I get a big red head when I've played and I hate that, so I kept myself going.”

De Jager makes make-up videos in English. She has been called an “unknown celebrity girl” in the past, because not everyone knows that she is by far the most popular youtuber in our country: on the video site she has over 11 million followers, the triple of Enzo Knol and Dylan Haegens together. (2 and 1.5 million followers).

Through the tutorials, the makeup artist also went to superstars like Katy Petty and Kim Kardashian to do their makeup. In addition, De Jager went into hiding the annual overview of YouTube and will join them in the coming year Who is the mole?

All reactions to her transformation do well to De Jager, she writes in a new message. “You make me the happiest girl in the world.”

After months of fuss, River Plate wins the Copa Libertadores

In Bernabeu, 80,000 frenzied, mostly European Argentinians, passionately encouraged their team. River Plate had the most ball before the break, but Boca was more dangerous. For example, Pablo Perez was close to the opening goal twice.

Nice goals

The 1-0 for Boca finally fell just before the break and was a final dignified: Dario Benedetto took, after a magisterial pass from Nahitan Nandez, the ball and neatly finished.

River Plate pushed more after rest and came at the same level. And the goal of Lucas Pratto, after a lightning-fast attack over four discs, was a gem.

'De Jong's transfer is not yet complete, this has been done consciously'

“I think Manchester City likes to have it and pay it, everyone plays games in the world and everyone can benefit from the leak, then the rest may wake up.” “I do not think City is fast will drop out and it will be a battle between them and PSG, you will not hear anything from FC Barcelona. “

De Jong himself remains calm and also hardly matters at Ajax. At least, if we have to believe Daphne Koster, who works at the Amsterdam club. “It's not really about Ajax, maybe in the locker room, but I'm really curious where he will go.”

'If this happens at Excelsior it's red'

There is an unambiguous opinion about whether Ajax defender Matthijs de Ligt should have had a red card after he had broken the broken PEC Zwolle-player Kingsley Ehizibue. Is this red? “Yes”, it sounds wholeheartedly with Timmer, Vermeulen and Van Hooijdonk.

Koster also agrees, after she has put off her Ajax cap with a smile. “But: it's on the edge.” Vermeulen thinks top club Ajax in this case was spared by the arbitration: “If Jurgen Mattheij of Excelsior comes across this, it is a red card, here it plays a role that it is De Ligt and Ajax.”

'Uber on the way to the fair'

Uber has taken an important step towards an IPO. The paperwork for this was submitted to the authorities on Thursday, reporting several American media on the basis of anonymous sources.

An IPO is long expected for the taxi service: it was one of the conditions for it a billions investment from a Japanese bank early this year. In addition, rival Lyft also announced Thursday that they want to go to the fair.

If Uber shares are traded on Wall Street, it will probably be one of the largest IPOs ever for a technology company: Uber might be worth $ 120 billion on the stock market.


Despite the great value on paper, Uber still suffers a considerable loss. The company reported that it was more than 1 billion dollars last month had lost in the third quarter.

In addition, Uber recently faced a series of scandals. The company tried the authorities to lead the garden and the internal work culture led to sexual harassment. Moved under pressure from investors CEO Travis Kalanick on.

Since the arrival of Dara Khosrowshahi, the new CEO, the company seems to have landed in calmer waters. However, he still suffers from Kalanick's legacy: it turned out to be a huge data leak to have concealed. The Dutch privacy watchdog recently fined the company for this.

Will Frenkie de Jong leave 75 million at Ajax?

Sports journalists are already talking about Frenkie de Jong all week long. The French club Paris Saint Germain would like to buy it for 75 million euros. Yesterday, the talent of Ajax itself reacted to the rumors for the first time.

Frenkie also said that nothing is certain yet and that he will continue to play at Ajax this season. He also showed that he just continues to play well. Ajax won 4-1 and De Jong scored a goal.


It happens more often that Dutch football talents quickly go to a foreign club. Do you think that's a shame or is it fun when they play for a world-famous club? Respond to the statement:

Watch an interview of NOS sport with Frenkie de Jong here:

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Kick boxer Ben Saddik wins with force majeure in Ahoy

Kickboxer Jamal Ben Saddik has won the strongly occupied Glory tournament in Ahoy Rotterdam. The Belgian Moroccan, who fought the final with a broken hand, knocked out the Romanian Benjamin Adegbuyi in the first round of the final battle.

Ben Saddik, who was in Ahoy with Rico Verhoeven exactly one year ago competed for the world title, calculated in his way to the final with the Australian Junior Tafa and the Brazilian Guto Inocente. Inocente recently went too down against Verhoeven.

There were eight heavyweights on Saturday evening, including the Dutchman Jahfarr Wilnis. He opened with a win over Slovak Tomas Mozny, but bowed in the semi-final battle for Adegbuyi.

This allows refugees to prove their identity without a passport

Asylum seekers are identified in the Netherlands by the police or Marechaussee within three days of arrival. Experts say that sometimes there are also refugees or migrants who consciously do not have a passport.

Human traffickers have taken them away, or passports have been thrown away. This from the idea that it is more complicated for a country to send someone back – or because people know that their country of origin is seen as safe.

As a check, the IND allows refugees to describe in as much detail as possible what their life looked like. They call this provenance research. Immigration lawyer Eva Bezem explains: “Questions are asked, such as: what did the streets look like at your house, do they walk up, are there trees, how do you play the name of your family?

If refugees tell each time in the same way, it is called 'to declare credible'. This is included in the application procedure, along with the indication that no proof of identity was available.

Dortmund beats Schalke in Kohlenpott derby

Borussia Dortmund is still unbeaten in the Bundesliga. The leader won the Kohlenpott derby on Saturday at Schalke 04: 1-2. Bayern München defeated FC Nürnberg 3-0 and advanced from fourth to second.

Schalke, which won the derby with 2-0 last year, forgot to cover Thomas Delaney in the initial stage with a free kick by Marco Reus and the Dane could make free runs.

Guido Burgstaller was close to the equalizer after half an hour with a shot from the turn, but goalkeeper Roman Bürki saved nicely.

The 1-1 fell after halftime: the referee thought a charge by Reus was a penalty, which Daniel Caligiuri used. Fifteen minutes before the end, Jadon Sancho became a match winner with a placed shot in the far corner.