Handball Talent Amega makes furore at EC-debut: 'It was really enjoying'

'Okay' is still an understatement. Amega made eight goals out of nine shots with her European Championship debut and was impressed by her creative way of playing. She can accelerate the tempo in the attack game of the Netherlands and possesses the ability to suddenly turn, and hang around in the air, her body and shoot.

In addition, she possesses the ability to take initiative in the construction, which is important at her position. But what kind of handball player is Delaila Amega actually according to himself? “I am a player who likes to take risks, I like handball rather than attacking, but I am explosive, but not very powerful.”

She made three fine goals against the Croats, in a way that is so characteristic of her. Do not jump and prune hard, like shooting gun Lois Abbingh like no other, but hide covered and thus leave the goalkeeper of the other party without a chance.

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