Sparta put to the eye by the rider Helmond Sport

For FC Twente, the number five, it was a painful evening. The Tukkers lost at home with 5-2 from reigning champion Jong Ajax, where Carel Eiting made his comeback after an ankle injury.

Twente quickly took the lead, but the visitors recovered and scored three times before half time. “Football, football!”, It sounded from the throats of irritated Twente supporters.

The second half, however, was not much better from Twente's point of view. Advisor Fred Rutten saw from the tribune how the home team was shaken by Jong Ajax. In the extra time, Twente defender Cristian Gonzáles also got a red card.


Leader Go Ahead Eagles will visit Jong PSV on Monday. Jong FC Utrecht will then receive number two FC Den Bosch.

Online shopping throughout Europe easier (but you have to pick up your stuff yourself)

European webshops have not been able to ban you since today. You just have to be able to order stuff, and without paying extra money for it. A European 'geo-blocking' measure that regulates this goes into effect today.

Customers may not be discriminated against on the basis of their IP address, according to the European Commission. This means that all Europeans must be able to order items in all European web shops, they can not surf against a blockade. For foreigners, the same conditions apply as for people from their own country.

Pick up yourself

That does not mean, however, that online stores have to expand their delivery area. “It is not that a German webshop is forced to deliver in the Netherlands,” explains Vincent Romviel. He is a lawyer at, the Dutch umbrella organization for webshops. “It should only be possible to order via the German webshop.”

If you order something abroad, you still have to arrange the transport yourself. You can also pick up your package yourself abroad, for example in a branch near the Dutch border.

Cheaper or earlier inside

It is now easier for consumers to make a foreign purchase. And that can be very beneficial. Sometimes products in a foreign webshop are cheaper or already available.

The rules apply to nationally operating webshops and the big chains. “International stores may no longer automatically refer to the Dutch website where the product you want may be more expensive,” says Romviel. “They have to ask you for permission for that.” Also, web shops are not allowed to charge unnecessary high costs for foreign customers.

Payment page previously unreachable

Ordering a game computer or pair of shoes on a foreign website was far from always possible. European research showed that foreign customers could place orders on less than 40 percent of European webshops.

The payment page was unattainable for foreigners, for example because it was not possible to enter a foreign billing address.

Not Netflix

The custom rules apply only to webshops. “It would have been nice if service providers like Netflix were covered,” says Romviel. “Then you would have a much larger film and serial offer, but unfortunately that is not the case, it has to do with intellectual property rights.”

However, according to the European rules, you have to be Dutch subscription to streaming services use anywhere in Europe.

Happy is happy with the measure. “We are pleased that it is easier to buy across borders,” says Romviel. Moreover, it is easy for webshops to implement. “They are ICT-like measures, so web shops do not have to change their entire business.”

The geo-blocking measure is part of a broader European package of measures against discrimination on origin or place of residence. The issue will be evaluated within two years.

PSG suffers first loss of points in France and sees Neymar fall out

After fourteen competition wins in a row, Paris Saint-Germain spilled points for the first time this season. On visiting Girondins Bordeaux it became 2-2.

Disappointment for PSG was the failure of Neymar. The Brazilian was replaced in the 57th minute. Neymar suffered an injury to the groin two weeks ago during an international match with Brazil. He seemed to have recovered from that, but now he seems to have made his comeback too soon.

Before Neymar had to go to the side, he had already opened the score in the 34th minute by finishing a flashy attack with a shot.

Cornelius saves point for Bordeaux

After the equalizer of Jimmy Briand, Kylian Mbappé seemed to help the Parisians in fifteenth consecutive league victory: 1-2. Just before time, Andreas Cornelius, on behalf of Bordeaux, also struck once more.

De Deen was attentive to a cross from Maxime Poundje, came good for his man and headed the ball into the far corner behind keeper Gianluigi Buffon.

PSG can, however, afford the misstep. The team of trainer Thomas Tuchel remains the leader and still has fourteen points more than number two Montpellier.

'Robben is still so fit, come to the Netherlands'

Arjen Robben is on the line in Studio Voetbal. The 96-time Dutch National Team announced Sunday that he is leaving Bayern Munich after this season, and the question from presenter Tom Egbers is therefore whether there are any offers from the Netherlands? “No”, replies Robben.

“I will soon make an offer”, jokes Pierre van Hooijdonk, advisor of NAC Breda. “Just contact my agent,” says Robben from Munich.

Robben has not yet made a decision about his future. He may be putting a point behind his career. The Champions League win with Bayern would be a nice slot. “I would put my signature immediately under such a script,” says Robben.

Rafael van der Vaart put a point behind his career at the beginning of November, but according to him, stopping is not yet discussed for his former colleague and generation member. “Arjen is still so fit, I am sure he will continue and hope he will not go to the sandbox or to China, but will return to the Netherlands.”

Robben doubts, although he is clear about one thing. “I can say that the sandbox and China are not options.”

'Enjoyed Berghuis'

Of course the topper Feyenoord-PSV (2-1) is also discussed at the table. Van der Vaart had enjoyed the game of Feyenoord in the first half and especially Steven Berghuis.

“So much feeling, so much peace”, says Van der Vaart about Berghuis. “You just have to see and do it.”

Feyenoord could not continue the level of the first half in the second half and that had, according to Van Hooijdonk, a clear cause: the injured failure of striker Nicolai Jørgensen, who had taken the second goal.

“Dylan Vente came in, but then Feyenoord no longer held a ball in the front,” Van Hooijdonk said.

'Being happy with Van Bronckhorst'

The victory came particularly well for Feyenoord and coach Giovanni van Bronckhorst. The latter has a contract in Rotterdam until the end of this season. It is not until next year that he goes to the table with the club.

If it is up to former honorary division player Jevgeni Levchenko, Van Bronckhorst will stay longer in De Kuip. “Feyenoord must be very happy with him,” says Levchenko.

Pierre van Hooijdonk does not believe in a 'Wenger construction' at Feyenoord, referring to Arsène Wenger who spent 22 years on the couch at Arsenal. “You see PSV and Ajax running away and the expectation pattern remains high: you have to prevent the man who won five prizes with the club from being fired.”

“They have to try to create a situation that Feyenoord can compete with PSV and Ajax,” says Levchenko.

“It becomes very difficult and is not real”, responds Van der Vaart.

Kees Jansma also likes to see Van Bronckhorst stay longer. “What does the sending away of a trainer mean?”

“He decides for himself whether he will stay”, thinks Van der Vaart. “It does not get any better with another trainer.”

Fox-IT: Dutch companies are also victims of SamSam graft software

Dutch companies have also been hit by the SamSam mortgaging software in recent months. Probably dozens of companies, says security company Fox-IT.

A precise number can not be called the cybersecurity because it is unknown how many companies have paid ransom and how many companies have solved it themselves. Probably it is only a tip of the iceberg.


SamSam works very sophisticated. It uses a configuration error within the IT of a company. If the server is directly connected to the internet and the password is weak, they are relatively easy to access.

Then the hackers dive deeper into the systems and silently search for more administration rights. “They get to know the company like that, look at the name and google it,” says Frank Groenewegen of Fox-IT. “They know what kind of people work there and determine on the basis of all that knowledge how much ransom they can demand, what is feasible.”

That varies from a few tens of thousands of euros to a few tons, according to reports from the ANP about the case. The ransom has to be paid in bitcoins.

The hackers use the commonly used RDP, the so-called remote desktop protocol, which allows you as a system administrator or employee from home in the systems of the organization.

Not in order

SamSam has been active worldwide for a year and a half and seems to hit schools, hospitals and universities. American researchers point to Iran. An American prosecutor has indicted two Iranians last week.

Known cases from the past are a hospital in Los Angeles and the municipality of Atlanta in the US. It is not that SamSam specifically focuses on public facilities, says Groenewegen. “In the Netherlands it is the other way around: most government organizations do not link the servers directly to the internet.The SamSam makers are looking for companies that are not in order.”

Real Madrid makes a mistake against Eibar with victory on Valencia

Real Madrid has recovered from the blamage against Eibar in the Primera Division. Valencia was defeated 2-0 in Estadio Santiago Bernabéu.

Against Valencia, Real took free lead after eight minutes. Daniel Wass wanted to intercept Dani Carvajal's cross, but headed unhappy in his own goal.

Valencia did not overcome that drone until the break. In the second half there was a stir in the game of the visitors. That led to chances for Kevin Gameiro and Santi Mina, but the tying goal remained unchanged.

As Marco Asensio failed to win a smooth counter on the other side, it remained exciting, until Lucas Vázquez controlled the ball from a next counterattack.

Top four will take action on Sunday

With the win, Real is now fifth with three points behind on Sevilla. The leader plays Sunday against Alavés, the surprising number four.

Also the numbers two and three of the rankings, Barcelona and Atlético Madrid, are still in action. Barcelona gets Villarreal to visit, while Atlético plays against Girona.

First cable operator comes with 1-gbit subscription

Delta is the first cable company in the Netherlands to offer consumers a download speed of 1 gigabit per second. This is comparable to speeds achieved in fiber optic networks.

For comparison, the average Internet speed in the Netherlands is now almost 20 megabits per second. That is 50 times slower.

Customers of the company, which is active in Zeeland, can take out such a subscription as of today, but have to pay more. The subscription costs 125 euros per month. In order to be able to offer this speed, Delta had to shut down all customers from the analogue radio and TV signal over the past few months. Everyone looks digital now.

“The appetite for data continues to increase,” says Delta Director Telecom Ludolf Rasterhoff. “Households have multiple and increasingly modern televisions, there is more internet use … In the coming years, the speeds will increase.”


The largest cable company in the Netherlands, VodafoneZiggo, is also closing the analogue TV signal and wants to offer 1gbit internet in due course. It has been tested in Utrecht for a few months now. In 2020, it will be offered to all customers.

With higher Internet speeds, cable operators want to compete with fiber optic networks. There these speeds have been possible for some time. Fiber optic providers do have another advantage. The upload speed is as high as the download speed. With the highest Delta package, the upload speed is only 40 megabits per second. “It will go up in time,” says Delta director Rasterhoff.

On the copper network of KPN, speeds of 1 gigabit per second are not currently available. The highest package is 200 megabits per second. KPN announced this week to focus more on the construction of fiberglass. In the coming years, 1 million additional households will be connected to fiber optics.

Man City gets up late, but makes a simple victory at Bournemouth

Manchester City did not make a mistake in his own home against middle-class Bournemouth. The unbeaten leader played dominant and won 3-1.

It was the sixth league win in a row for City, which has 38 points in the English Premier League. Liverpool can narrow the deficit to two points on Sunday when it wins the city derby against Everton.

The team of coach Pep Guardiola pushed Bournemouth back for a while and Bernando Silva hit the rebound after fifteen minutes.

Bournemouth barely came out, did not make a single attempt for 44 minutes, but after an excellent header from Callum Wilson, he tied 1-1.

Raheem Sterling after a nice rush after a break through a defender the aluminum. When goalkeeper Asmir Begovic had to give a rebound at Danilo's shot, the fast attacker struck. Ilkay Gündogan decided the game by Leroy Sané.

Derby Sunday

Tomorrow the other top teams are coming into action. There are no less than three derbies on the program. Arsenal (number 5) receives rival Tottenham Hotspur (number 3), Chelsea (number 4) plays against Fulham and Everton visits Liverpool (number 2).

Villa joins old well-known Iniesta in Japan

Spanish football player David Villa trades New York City FC for Vissel Kobe in Japan. At that club he is reunited with compatriot and former teammate Andrés Iniesta. The two played together between 2010 and 2013 at FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team.

The 36-year-old Villa won the Champions League with Barcelona and became European Champion (2008) and World Champion (2010) with Spain. He spent the last four seasons in New York City FC in the United States. He played 124 matches for the club and scored 80 goals.

At Kobe, Villa except Iniesta also meets the German Lukas Podolski.

Large data breach at hotel chain, hit hundreds of millions of customers

The American hotel chain Marriott is investigating a large data leak at a subsidiary. Unknown people may have had access to the Starwood subsidiary's reservation system for four years, including the Sheraton, Méredien and Westin hotels, which also has branches in the Netherlands.

The database contains information about 500 million hotel guests. It is one of the largest data leaks ever.

Marriott says in a statement that early September it received a warning from an internal security system, which showed that an unauthorized party had access to the database. According to the company, it only concerns data from Starwood customers. Marriott himself, that Starwood two years ago took over, uses a different system.


Of 327 million people it concerns data such as names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, passport numbers and the period that they stayed in the hotels. Some people have also obtained credit card information. According to Marriott, this is encrypted, but the company does not exclude that the hackers have also obtained the codes to be able to read the encrypted data.

It is not clear whether there are also data from Dutch in the database.