The YouTube video with most dislikes is now from … YouTube

The hit Baby from Justin Bieber has been thrown off the throne as the video with the most dislikes on Youtube.That dubious honor now goes to the video platform itself. The above video, the annual overview of YouTube, has since today exceeded 10 million dislikes. In 8 days time while it is at Baby 8 years.

Critics say that the video, which should contain references to typical YouTube moments from 2018, is full of misses. For example, crucial YouTube moments of last year and popular faces of the platform would not be seen in the video. And what can be seen is also being criticized. According to users, YouTube does not know what is going on in its community and the platform would have made the video so as to keep advertisers happy.

“I do not recognize at all creator in this video. Where are our familiar faces? “, Is a question that comes back a lot in the reactions.” YouTube really has to stop being something they are not, “is another reaction.

The video starts with Will Smith, a well-known actor, but only active for a year on the video platform. He refers to the popular game Fortnite, in a somewhat forced way. “Will really has never Fortnite played, why does he say this and is this so uncomfortable? “, some users respond.

The presence of the most popular gamer on streaming platform Twitch Ninja is also being criticized. The streamer is not known by YouTube, but by Twitch. “Why is Ninja visible in this video?”

Why it is and the other is not?

Yes, why Ninja, and the most popular YouTuber PewDiePie or Shane Dawson (with millions of views per video) for example not? And why is not the reference to the boxing match of KSI and Logan Paul, which was talked about for days, users wonder. Or why is there no reference to the Johny Johny Yes Papavideo, which already has almost 500 million views?

PewDiePies absence shakes a lot of users in the wrong way. In the comments, especially criticism of this choice can be read. PewDiePie is unlikely to be seen due to the controversy surrounding racist and anti-Semitic statements by the YouTube star. PewDiePie, with 75 million subscribers, has now made a video about the Rewind video, in which he criticizes the video. “Rewind was first a tribute to the YouTube Creators. (…) I am glad that I am no longer a part of it, because it is really too cheesy “, he says in the video.

Lyon grabs last ticket for the eighth Champions League finals

Number one and two losses

In group H, only the group win was still at stake. League-leader Juventus lost 2-1 at Young Boys, but still takes the first place, as pursued Manchester United did not score points: it went down 2-1 at Valencia.

Carlos Soler shot Valencia, which continues in the Europa League, to 1-0. United thought of a penalty after a handball by Mouctar Diakhaby, but it did not last. Paul Pogba missed a huge opportunity right away.

Teammate Phil Jones got the ball into the goal after the break, but outwitted his own goalie, Sergio Romero in this case. After the striking header of Marcus Rashford, Juan Mata was still close to 2-2.

First victory Young Boys

Debutant Young Boys made his first victory in the Champions League. Frenchman Guillaume Hoarau scored twice for the Swiss, including once from the penalty spot.

After the late 2-1 against Paulo Dybala in the 80th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo hit the post.

Ajax players proud and critical: 'So strong, but preferably become your first'

Ajax remains unbeaten in the Champions League and overwinters. Nevertheless, the disappointment about missing out on the group win after the spectacular 3-3 against Bayern Munich dominates.

Daley Blind is out of the final stages. “We play so well after the break, making the 1-1 in a beautiful way and then we are giving it away in the final stages.

Bizarre evening

Captain Matthijs de Ligt has a double feeling about the evening. “We have been able to feast on everyone, we have played with full passion, we have performed well against Bayern, a top five team in the world, we have not lost a single game in the Champions League, we can be proud of that. preferably you will be first, so there is a feeling of disappointment. “

Frenkie de Jong is critical of himself and his team. “The first half was not good, I was sloppier than normal, the second half went a bit better, but the red cards made everything different, I had to walk a lot, I think I can do better.”

'Hack Marriott committed by China, part of espionage action'

The attack on hotel chain Marriott, with the data of some 500 million guests are stolen, has been executed by hackers of the Chinese secret service. That says two anonymous sources against The New York Times. The hack would be part of a larger campaign.

During the attack credit card details and house addresses were captured. The passport numbers of 327 million guests were also stolen. It is one of the biggest hacks in history.

The sources bring the attack in connection with a hack from 2014, aimed at the Office of Personnel Management. This office issues security clearances to Americans and collects a lot of valuable information. In addition, health insurance company Anthem was also targeted. All this together says something about the travel behavior of people, writes the newspaper, and that is valuable information.

Great espionage action

It is the second time in a week that sources point to China as a perpetrator of the Marriott hack. earlier reported Reuters news agency the same.

According to the Times, there has been suspicion since the announcement of the hack in Washington and security companies that the case is part of a major espionage campaign. It would be aimed at stealing data from American citizens.

The newspaper emphasizes that intelligence services have not yet drawn any definitive conclusions. Companies that investigate the hack have found computer code and patterns that are associated with Chinese hackers.

Zack Whittaker, a journalist at TechCrunch who deals with hack stories, among other things, notes that it is very difficult to attribute these types of hacks to a party and that other interests may play a role.

FC Groningen has to miss Doan because of Asia Cup

FC Groningen will have to start three matches at the beginning of next year without designer Ritsu Doan. The 20-year-old midfielder is included in the Japanese selection for the Asia Cup, from January 5 to February 1 in the United Arab Emirates.

Japan is divided into a group with Turkmenistan, Oman and Uzbekistan. If the four-time Asian champion does not survive the group stage, there is nothing wrong with FC Groningen. In that case, Doan will return to the Netherlands before the premier league restart.

However, the scenario in which Japan achieves the knock-out phase is more obvious. In that case, Doan misses at least FC Groningen-Heracles Almelo, from January 19th. Until 1 February, the day of the final of the Asian Cup, Groningen will also face PSV. One day after the final a visit to Willem II is on the roll.

Doan made his debut on Japan on September 11 and now played five international matches. Southampton defender Maya Yoshida, former VVV-Venlo, was also called.

Notable absences are attacker Shinji Okazaki (Leicester City) and Shinji Kagawa, the currently not much playing midfielder of Borussia Dortmund.

Caldas calls De Mol as a replacement for De Wijn

National coach Max Caldas has added defender Joep de Mol to his selection for the World Championship in India. De Mol is the replacement for Sander de Wijn, for whom the World Cup is after it was knocked out in the game against Canada with a hamstring injury on Tuesday.

“It is terrible for Sander that this happens to him during the World Cup”, says Caldas. “He will remain with the team, even now that he can no longer play, and will contribute in this way.”

De Mol was already in reserve in India, because it is allowed during the World Cup to replace injured players. The player of Oranje-Rood played 44 times for the Orange squad.

“Joep played a very good Champions Trophy in Breda last summer and was a full member of our group in the past period”, Caldas De Mol praises. “As a team we will continue on the path we have chosen, that does not change anything.”

The Wine is one of the supporting players in Orange. Jeroen Balk called after the win against Canada the disappearance of De Wijn already a “scar” on that 5-0 victory.

Google hearing was theater of ignorance, evasions and repetitions

A hodgepodge of subjects. For example, the hearing with Google CEO Sundar Pichai is best summarized. Various themes recurred throughout the session and occasionally there was a request, but as is often the case with meetings of this kind, the CEO did not really find it difficult.

This is largely due to the concept of the hearing. The members of the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives ask questions; they get five minutes each. That is too little to ask after all the answers. As we also saw at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, this gives the respondent the space to 'park' a question or simply avoid it.

In addition, it turned out again that there was a lack of knowledge and ignorance. A member of the House Committee asked how a photo of him with unwanted remarks could have ended up on the phone – an iPhone – of his granddaughter. This gave Pichai the opportunity to counter the question with the reply: that is a phone from another company.

Google's ambitions in China were also discussed. Website The Intercept reported in August that the company is working on 'Project Dragonfly'. The team behind this is developing an app for iOS and Android where the Chinese government can apply censorship. A controversial topic. One of the deputies asked Pichai if there are currently employees who are meeting on this. The CEO evaded the question.

Later, the CEO confirmed that the project was “going on for a while” and that at the peak it was being worked on by a hundred people. He emphasized several times that his company has no plans to actually launch the search engine in China.

Reports from American media show that it was assumed internally that the search engine would be launched within six to nine months.

Google and location

The Google CEO was also regularly asked about the large amounts of data that the company collects. “Google is able to gather a quantity of information that even intelligence service NSA would blush”, said the chairman of the committee in his opening statement. In particular, the collection of location data was often discussed.

That may have to do with a big story in The New York Times yesterday on this subject. This showed that the location data of smartphone users are collected and sold on a large scale by apps that have access to the data, without users knowing this themselves.

In a fierce discussion, a member of the committee asked if Google could follow him if he walked from one side of the room to another. Pichai answered, nuanced, that this depends on his settings. He then received the accusation that the question was being avoided. “You earn 100 million a year, you should be able to answer that question.”

Another delegate referred to bugs in Google+, making user data accessible to developers. “Can we trust Google with our data?” Pichai stressed that this is an important spearhead of the company.

From the beginning it was also clear that the Republicans would often mention an important hobbyhorse: the theory that Google deliberately pushes away conservative voices on the internet. One after another accused the company of this, some said to have experienced this themselves.

Pichai could deny it once or ten times, it kept coming back. The conservatives in the room also cast the theory that within Google there may be one or more people who influence the search results of millions of Americans. “Somebody is doing something there”, it was stated. Pichai also said that it is not possible to do this.

Google is not the only company that is accused of this. Facebook and Twitter are also asked for this.

The sequel

What is now the next step is to wait. In January, the Democrats are in charge of the House of Representatives. There seems to be a need in both camps to take measures against the tech giants.

In any case, Sundar Pichai has passed his baptism of fire in Washington. Although he may thank the politicians for this, who not only showed ignorance, but also did not always want to lose weight. Just like Facebook at the hearings earlier this year, Google also received compliments, for example for the support the tech giant gives to small businesses.

Robben: 'Groningen remains my club, everything is still open'

'The child of the club' leaves all options open for now. The pleas from Groningen in spite. Arjen Robben admits that the actions that the fans of FC Groningen are currently taking to persuade the almost 35-year-old wing attacker to return to the old litter, will hit him. “That does me something,” he says in conversation with the NOS.

Robben has decided to leave Bayern Munich at the end of the season after ten years. The wing spire has not yet made a decision about its future. This depends primarily on what will be passed on to offers in the coming period. Interest is there, that is certain.

“Two or three things have already passed”, he answers to the question of whether clubs have already reported to the Groninger. “I take the time, consult with my wife and family, we start thinking and see what the best next step is.”

Director Van der Kraan exchanges frontrunner Den Bosch for FC Twente

After the sixteenth, seventeenth, fourteenth and eleventh place in the final ranking, FC Den Bosch is the leader in the first division this season thanks to the financial impulses.

FC Twente is the number four in the first division after 17 games and collected four points less than FC Den Bosch.

Old acquaintances

At FC Twente, Van der Kraan is reunited with technical director Ted van Leeuwen and head coach Marino Pusic, with whom he also collaborated at Vitesse.

This brings to an end the interim period of the current director Edward van der Veen. Van der Veen, who is the much-discussed director Erik Velderman in August, leaves the club at the end of December.

How a cow in 2018 dominated the hashtags of Twitter

Not only Hermien was popular last year, also the heavy storm in January was much discussed by the approximately million Dutch people who use Twitter daily. The storm caused chaos on the trail, which meant that tens of thousands of travelers could not go. On Twitter the hashtag #stormpoolen was created, with which people offered a ride to stranded commuters.

A month later it was again a much discussed topic. #SiberianBeer was trending. The hashtag was about the pool air that caused a few weeks of freezing weather. That meant skating on the canals, sick people at work and therefore a lot of tweets.